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It has been a very productive year for me and my printmaking. I’ve begun working with Polymer Plates in addition to my usual aquatint etchings. I’m
currently absorbed in producing two-color etchings (something I haven’t done in close to twenty years) and plan on adding color to the polymer plates as well. The work is abstract and self-indulgent in that I’m able to do anything in the moment compositionally, while using a fairly basic visual language throughout all these images. The addition of color in the “Nocturne” image allows me to explore another visual fascination of mine: light. I tend to view this print as one of twenty pieces of a stained glass window because each print in the edition is a different color.

I was born and raised in the Denver area and graduated from Arvada Senior High School. I then went to The University of Northern Colorado and graduated with a BA in Fine Art with an emphasis in Drawing. I have been making prints since 1988 when I started learning the aquatint etching process under Hyun Shin at UNC. I produce mostly abstract work and find that many printmaking techniques lend themselves nicely to the creative process. I’ve been a passionate printmaker over the years because so many manipulations can be made along the way to the final impression. Open Press has been my printmaking home since 1990 and every print I’ve made since has been produced there. Thank you to Open Press for being such a vital resource for printmakers.

I think its important to work in black and white and I will always make black and white etchings. For me, making these is a way of connecting the printmaking of a couple of hundred years ago. “Pachinko” and “Trunk” are recent examples of what I like to do when armed with a fresh tube of black ink. “The Bather” is my first polymer plate made from a graphite drawing on frosted glass.”