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Mike Natale was born and raised in East Chicago, Indiana just a twenty minute train ride away from the Art Institute of Chicago. As a high school student with a great interest in art, Mike was able to take advantage of the Institute’s display of Master’s works, which solidified his dream of becoming an artist.

Following his school years Mike was sidetracked, as were many other 18 year olds by the war in Southeast Asia. He served in the United States Marine Corp with a rifle company in Vietnam, saw heavy action and was wounded. While recovering in the Philadelphia Naval Hospital, Mike took advantage of it’s close proximity to the Philadelphia Art Institute.

Upon returning to Chicago, Mike enrolled in the Ray Vogue Commercial Art program. After attending the Illinois Institute of Technology School of Design, he worked as a graphic artist for several years. Mike then opened his own design studio from 1973-1983. In 1983 he sold his graphics business and moved to Colorado to pursue his primary interest in fine art.