September 18 – November 15

Artist Reception September 18 5-9pm

Curated by Leon Loughridge

Printmaking is an artistic medium overloaded with process. As opposed to creating the image directly on the substrate, a printmaker creates the image in reverse on a printing matrix, transferring that to the final image substrate with assorted pressure devices. Even this is done piece meal, with multiple states, blocks or templates, layering color upon color to generate a final image. This convoluted process of transferring images from block to paper can be a real detriment to an artist’s creativity. The process is fraught with procedural distractions, challenging the printmaker to remain focused artistically while managing the intricacies of the process.

An understanding of the printmaking process is achieved by many; mastering of the process by fewer; and the handling of the medium intuitively for expressive results is achieved by even fewer. When the process becomes a tool, merely a brush, so to speak, for the artist to apply and manipulate color, value and texture, expressive work with universal appeal is the result. The artists in this exhibit have all moved beyond mastering the process in their own realm of printmaking. Their prints speak beyond the medium.

Leon Loughridge


May 22 – July 5, 2009

Traveling in Africa is a grand adventure.
These paintings, drawings and photos provide a glimpse of the beauty, life and diversity in South Africa and Botswana. Modern South Africa offers a contrast of historical Dutch colonial architecture amidst sprawling townships established during apartheid. In rural South Africa a rose farm, Summerfields, provided a taste of African hospitality. A visit to an elephant sanctuary prepped us for our safari into the bush of Botswana. In the Okavango Delta, fresh water spills out into the Kalahari Desert creating ecosystems that give life to a diverse abundance of animals. Southern Africa is an engaging landscape, an oasis of rich palettes that instantly became an addictive subject.

Nicholas Reti – Winter Road Doug Martin – Old Miss River Valley Geoffrey Ridge – Tree In The Garden

Dan Beck, Tom Dickson, Djanette Khiari, Doug Martin, Janet Moore, Geoffrey Ridge, Nicholas Reti, Susiehyer Eldon Warren

Gallery Artists February 6 – March 29

834 Santa Fe Drive Denver, Colorado 80204 ph. (303) 623-2500

Theresa Haberkorn
Melinda Laz
Leon Loughridge
Mark Lunning
Geoffrey Ridge
Jill Soukup
Foreword by Michael Chavez